Current Areas of Interest

My recent writing engages:

1)    Political geographies of development and dispossession (especially in postcolonial cities)
2)    Feminist geographies of difference (including social reproduction, intersectionality and feminist geopolitics)
3)    Urban environmental politics and political ecology
4)    Critical Corruption Geographies


Doshi S and Ranganathan M (2018) Towards a critical geography of corruption and power in late capitalism DOI: 10.1177/0309132517753070 [PDF]

Doshi S (2018) The redevelopmental state: Governing surplus land and life in the ‘Urban Age’ Development and Change DOI:10.1111/dech.12410 [PDF]

Doshi S and Ranganathan M (2017) Contesting the unethical city: Land dispossession and corruption narratives in urban India. Annals of the American Association of Geographers 107(1): 183–199. DOI: 10.1080/24694452.2016.1226124 [PDF]

Doshi S (2017) Embodied urban political ecology: five propositions. Area 49(1): 125–128. DOI: 10.1111/area.12293 [PDF]

Marston SA and Doshi S (2016) The Janice Monk Lecture in Feminist Geography: The first 10 years. Gender, Place & Culture 23(12): 1657–1664. DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2016.1257413 [Link]

Doshi, S (2014) Imperial water, urban crisis: A political ecology of colonial state formation in Bombay, 1850-1890 Review: Journal of the Fernand Braudel Center 37(3/4): 173-218 [PDF]

Casolo J and Doshi S (2013) Domesticated Dispossessions? Towards a Transnational Feminist Geopolitics of Development. Geopolitics 18(4): 800–834. DOI:10.1080/14650045.2013.811644 (equally co-authored) [PDF]

Doshi S (2013) The Politics of the Evicted: Redevelopment, Subjectivity, and Difference in Mumbai’s Slum Frontier. Antipode 45(4): 844–865. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8330.2012.01023.x [PDF]

[A video abstract of my recent paper in Antipode is available on the Antipode Foundation website]

Articles in progress or under review in: Progress in Human Geography and Gender, Place and Culture


Doshi S (2015) Rethinking gentrification in India: displacement, dispossession and the spectre of development. In: Lees L, Shin HB, and López-Morales E (eds), Global gentrifications: uneven development and displacement, Bristol, UK: Policy Press, pp. 101–120. PDF

Doshi S (2013) Resettlement ecologies: Environmental subjectivity and graduated citizenship in Mumbai. In: Rademacher A and Sivaramakrishnan K (eds), Ecologies of Urbanism in India: Metropolitan Civility and Sustainability, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, pp. 225–248. [PDF] 

Doshi S (2012) The politics of persuasion: Gendered slum citizenship in neoliberal Mumbai. In: Desai R and Sanyal R (eds), Urbanising Citizenship: Perspectives on Contested Spaces in Indian Cities, New Delhi: Sage, pp. 82–108. [PDF]

Ranganathan M and Doshi S (forthcoming) A radical politics for the Anthropocene? Political ecologies of dispossession and anticorruption in urban India in Urban Political Ecology: The Anthropo-Obscene, eds H. Ernston and E. Swyngedouw


Ranganathan M and Doshi S (2017) The Color of Corruption: Whiteness and Populist Narratives. Society & Space. Available from: (accessed 12 April 2017).

Review of “Gavin Shatkin (ed.), Contesting the Indian City: Global Visions and the Politics of the Local” in Urban Studies 2015.

“Introduction: Book Review Forum for Akhil Gupta’s Red Tape: Bureaucracy, Structural Violence, and Poverty in India” in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (online open site)

“Review of Akhil Gupta’s Red Tape: Bureaucracy, Structural Violence, and Poverty in India” in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (online open site)